The revelation of God’s truth is continuing and ongoing

Link to recorded session:

Inward Power by Gene Hillman, Friends Journal, December 1, 2018
A Spiritual Haven for Scientists by Calvin Schwabe, Friends Journal, January 1, 2003
Beyond Consensus: The Quaker Search for God’s Leading for the Group by Matthias Drake, Friends Journal, October 1, 2005
Mind the Oneness, the Mystic Way of the Quakers, by Rex Ambler, Pendle Hill pamphlet #463, 2020
A Practical Mysticism: How Quaker Process Opens Us to the Promptings of the Divine, by Elizabeth Meyer, Pendle Hill pamphlet #453, 2018
The Inner Guide Versus the Inner Critic: The Journey from Judgment to Love, by Christine Wolff, Pendle Hill pamphlet #448, 2017
Individual Spiritual Discernment: Receiving, Testing, and Implementing Leadings from a Higher Power, by Jerry Knutson, Pendle Hill pamphlet #443, 2017
Turnaround: Growing a Twenty-First Century Religious Society of Friends, by Benjamin Lloyd, Pendle Hill pamphlet #387, 2006
Expectant Listening: Finding God’s Thread of Guidance, by Michael Wajda, Pendle Hill pamphlet #388, 2007

Video resources:
The Quaker Practice of Discernment, QuakerSpeak, April 28, 2016
How Quakers Make Decisions (it’s Not Just Consensus), QuakerSpeak, June 5, 2014