Because Friends believe that no clergyman, no intercessor, no liturgy, or ritual is required to experience the Divine Presence, we have traditionally rejected the notion of a paid clergy. Instead, we believe we are all called to be ministers and are mutually responsible for the spiritual nurture of the Meeting and the running of Meeting affairs. To do the necessary business of the Meeting and to provide the structures within which our ministry can take place, members and attenders are encouraged to contribute directly to the life of the Meeting by participating in one or more of our committees or by agreeing to be appointed to an unpaid position of responsibility.

Here are short descriptions of our Goose Creek Committees. Click here for a full list of 2021 Committee appointments. Click here for the 2021 schedule for committee reports at Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business.
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Ministry and Worship

Peggy King (co-Clerk)
Carolyn Unger (co-Clerk)

The Ministry & Oversight Committee is comprised of seasoned Friends who oversee both the spiritual nurture of the Meeting and its material concerns. The committee organizes and facilitates adult religious education sessions, provides guidance for couples seeking to marry under the care of Goose Creek Meeting, and is often the point of contact for inquiries from the public at large. M & O also arranges Clearness Committees for prospective members and for members and attenders who request help in finding resolution to a personal problem or challenge.

Ministry & Worship Memorial & Marriage Subcommittee

Caroline Pelton (co-Clerk)
Carolyn Unger (co-Clerk)

Burying Grounds

Bill Cochran (co-Clerk)
Caroline Pelton (co-Clerk)

The Burying Ground Committee cares for the Meeting’s three burying grounds – Goose Creek, South Fork, and Waterford – and reaches out in compassion to people who have lost friends and family members and who are in need of our services. Burying Grounds Committee Report 2020


Ed Devinney (Clerk)

The Finance Committee works to assure the security and sufficiency of Meeting’s financial basis, including proper fundraising, resource management, and transparency.


Lee Lawrence (Clerk)

The Archive Committee works to keep Goose Creek’s rich history intact, continuing the thread from our forebears into the future. Quakers in this community were and continue to be peace keepers and caretakers, living our testimonies. The preserved archives teach us and remind us to carry these beliefs forward into the present and beyond. Introducing newcomers and our children to the history is an important path to this end. The committee also plans various meeting celebrations of historic landmark events.


Sara Brown (co-Clerk)
Wayne Travell (co-Clerk)

The Hospitality & Housekeeping Committee organizes hospitality for after Meeting for Worship and for other events at the Meetinghouse. These include potlucks, Easter breakfast, the annual Christmas celebration, and memorial services.


Chuck Hough (Clerk)

The Library Committee seeks to feed the spiritual needs of Goose Creek members and attenders by maintaining the Goose Creek library with its extensive collection of books, pamphlets and DVDs devoted to Quakerism, Quaker history, and Quaker concerns – peace, the environment and sustainable living, and social justice.

Library Technology Subcommittee

Shannon Mader*
Chuck Hough
Fred Bishopp
Patricia Barber
Simon Barber*


Annie Carlson (co-convenor)
Patricia Barber (co-convenor)

The Nominating Committee is responsible for enlisting Goose Creek committee membership and focus for the following year.  Typically the committee organizes in late summer and coordinates with the current committee clerks to update their mission statements, verify committee membership, and focus each committees activities and plans.  The committee then attempts to contact all members and attenders of the Goose Creek Meeting to verify their address and contact information, enlist committee participation, and provide a communication forum for issues, joys, or concerns. Nominating Committee Report – November 2020.

Faith in Action Ad Hoc/Co-opted Subcommittee

Debbie Sudduth
Chuck Hedges
Allen Cochran
Sean Lloyd

Meeting Cares

Sue McCollum (co-Clerk)
Ann Travell (co-Clerk)

The Meeting Cares Committee offers care and support, physically and spiritually, to our Goose Creek community in many ways, including phone calls, cards, visits, meals, transportation, errands, and tokens of our love. Meeting Cares Annual Report 2020

Peace & Social Concerns

Jeanne Smith (Clerk)

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee strives to represent Goose Creek Friends Meeting by seeking equality, justice, harmony, understanding and reconciliation, and nurturing peace in ourselves, our community, and our world. The committee identifies and promotes initiatives in which Friends can become involved in order to further each Friend’s search for these aspects of community.

Peace & Social Concerns SPICES Subcommittee

Maria Nicklin (co-Clerk)
Eric Carlson (co-Clerk)

SPICES Peace Troupe Report — November 2020


Brian Burgher (co-Clerk)
Bill Cochran (co-Clerk)

The Property Committee maintains the Goose Creek property – the Meetinghouse, Oakdale School, and the surrounding landscape. It oversees all repairs and renovations and liaises with local authorities to ensure that the meeting abides by local ordinances while also remaining true to our historical legacy.


Nancy Uram (Clerk)

The Publications Committee produces a monthly newsletter which includes the queries of the month, notes from the Monthly Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, upcoming events being held by Baltimore Yearly Meeting, and several other groups, including the Friends Wilderness Center, Friends General Conference, Loudoun Interfaith Bridges, and various committees within our Meeting. A calendar of upcoming events is also included in each edition as well as notices of births, deaths, and changes of address. The Publications Committee also oversees the website. Publications Committee Report 2019

Religious Education

Maria Nicklin (co-Clerk)
Cameron Huges (co-Clerk)

The Religious Education committee (RE) offers the youth of Goose Creek Friends Meeting lessons and activities that provide them with an understanding of Quakerism’s rich history, its faith and practice, and guidance on how to live their lives in the spirit of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. The goal of RE is for the children to feel happy and safe while building a community among the Young Friends of Goose Creek Meeting, as well as with the greater Meeting members. Religious Education Committee Annual Report 2020

Religious Education Camping Subcommittee

Jackie Kosbob (Clerk)

The Camping Subcommittee educates meeting families about Baltimore Yearly Meeting camps and encourages the children of these families to attend them. We believe that camp is a life changing and life affirming experience. We also feel that this is in many ways where we “grow our Quakers.” Many of the young people who attend BYM’s camps go on to be involved with Quakerism as adults with their own children following in their path, attending these camps generation after generation.

Unity With Nature

Martha Semmes (co-Clerk)
Suellen Beverly (co-Clerk)

The Unity with Nature Committee provides a deeply reflective forum for the expression of our spiritual connection with the natural world. We act locally on behalf of Goose Creek Monthly Meeting on projects rising from and supported by the collective spirit of the committee, and we encourage Friends and others to educate themselves and take action concerning the care and restoration of the natural world locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.


Meeting is fortunate to have two scholarships for students from our meeting and community as well as Loudoun County at large. These have been funded by gifts and bequests of Friends and friends of the meeting.