Religious Education

Religious Education is for Friends and friends of all ages! Our First Day School is for young people 18 and under but our lessons are for everyone! We also have programs geared to older Friends. Like our Quaker forebears, we believe that God’s Light shines particularly brightly in children and we are careful to nurture that Light with tenderness and care. 

February 2023 Calendar

  • Feb. 04, MUD CLUB, 10:00 – 12:00. Click here for more info
  • Feb. 05, Quaker Elevator Speech: Quaker Beliefs & Testimonies In our first session, the kids outlined key elements to answering the question: “What is a Quaker?” Then we covered early Quaker history including George Fox and Margaret Fell. Now, we’ll discuss Quaker beliefs and testimonies like the SPICES (simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, & stewardship). As we work our way through the elements, we’ll enter notes into our Elevator Speech template. If you miss any of the sessions, no worries, you can jump right into whatever we’re studying this week. When we reach the end of filling out the template, the kids will choose the notes they think are most important for their personal Elevator Speech.
  • NEW! On Feb. 5th we begin separate lessons for K-5 students! This week: Intro to our elementary group including a SPICES scrolling story! In the nursery, the children will enjoy games, play, art, and stories with Erin!
  • Feb. 12: GAME DAY (K-12) This month, we have two games. For the younger kids, it’s Wildcraft. For the older kids it’s Apples to Apples. We’ll also discuss ideas for games to play in March. If you a game you love that’s fast to learn and fast to play, let us know! Mark your calendar: Game Day is every 2nd First Day (Sunday)
  • Feb. 19, MUD CLUB, 11:00 right after Meeting for Worship. Click here for more info

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Being a Friendly Adult Volunteer (FAV) is a really positive and fun experience – a great way to get to know our younger Friends! During Second Month Nominating and Meeting Cares committees are scheduled to help us recruit volunteers. Click the button below to sign up to be a Friendly Adult Volunteer for the First Day School and/or the Nursery. Thank you!

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Each First Day we have a nursery for children from birth to kindergarten and First Day School for kindergartners to 12th graders. Babies, children, and young Friends begin worship with the adults at 9:45 in the meeting room. At 10 a.m., led by the teachers, they leave Meeting for Worship and move to the gathering room for the nursery and First Day School.

Lessons cover everything from Quaker history and testimonies, to the Bible and Christianity, other faith practices, and spiritual paths.

In the lessons, the adults not only seek to impart knowledge but also to listen to each child with a whole heart and to allow them space and respect to find that of God within him or herself.

At the end of the school year, Goose Creek holds Book Sunday where every child who participated in First Day School over the previous year is presented with a book. This is followed by an ice cream social to celebrate the start of the summer vacation.

We also encourage our young people to participate in Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Camping Program, where they can experience wholesome fun outdoors and learn how to “live” the Quaker Way of peace and mutual respect and love in community with other young people. During the school year, middle and high schoolers can also participate in BYM’s Young Friends and Junior Young Friends weekends.

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