Stewardship of Meeting Resources

“Friends need to examine their decisions about obtaining, holding, and using money and other assets, to see whether they find in them the seeds, not only of war, but also of self-indulgence, injustice, and ecological disaster. Good stewardship of economic resources consists both in avoidance of those evils and in actions that advance peace, simple living, justice, and a health ecosystem.”

– Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1986

To turn all that we possess into the channel of universal love becomes the business of our lives”. This, in the words of John Woolman, is the meaning of Quaker stewardship.

And this applies to all that we have and are, as individuals, as members of groups, and as inhabitants of the earth. As individuals, we need to be careful to use our time, our various abilities, our strength, our money, our material possessions, and other resources in a spirit of love, aware that we hold these gifts in trust and are responsible to use them in the Light.

Investment of assets and consumption of resources require our careful stewardship. As Friends, we can direct our investments to socially desirable ends, avoiding speculation and activities wasteful or harmful to others. Seek to participate constructively and without greed in the economic life of the community.

Please use this Request for Payment Form if you need to be reimbursed for a meeting expense or when you pass along an invoice to the Treasurer for payment. All completed Request of Payment Forms should be sent to our Treasurer, Brian Burgher at

A message from Baltimore Yearly Meeting:

The Apportionment Subcommittee of the Stewardship and Finance Committee has been working for over a year on changes to the apportionment formula. The proposed changes were first released at March Interim Meeting, then discussed extensively at the two apportionment meetings held in April. At June Interim Meeting, the proposed formula received its first reading and was approved for forwarding to Annual Session for action.

This is a major change to the way we allocate the apportionment among Monthly Meetings. The feedback to date has been uniformly positive, but it remains important that the proposal be understood by all.

My purpose in writing today is to ask that you be sure that your Meeting knows that the proposed formula, the recommended apportionments for 2018, and the guidelines used in reviewing requests for reductions have been posted to the Stewardship and Finance page of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting website. The video of the explanation of the new formula, which was made at the Nottingham apportionment meeting, is still available as well.

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