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News from Goose Creek

December 20, 2015

Goose Creek Celebrates Christmas with Annual Potluck, Gift Exchange & Carol Sing.















November 1, 2015

Goose Creek Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Bill and Bobbie Cochran's Residence in the Old Stone Meeting House with a Harvest Celebration

It was Halloween 1965 when Bill and Bobbie Cochran and their young family moved into Goose Creek's Old Stone Meeting House, built in 1765 and used for Quaker Meeting for Worship until the "new" brick meeting house was built in 1818. Bill had just been hired by the meeting as its new caretaker and part of the deal was the use of the old meeting house which had been converted into a stone cottage.

Since then Bill has given half a century of faithful service to Goose Creek, and Bobbie has for years provided beautiful flower arrangements for the mantle in the current meeting house. To celebrate the Cochrans, friends, family, neighbors, and the Goose Creek meeting community gathered on November 1, with some traveling long distances to attend. The Cochrans extended the hospitality by giving tours of their home, beautifully preserved by Bill and Bobbie's son, Alan.

June 7, 2015

Goose Creek Celebrates the End of the First Day School Year with Book Sunday and an Ice Cream Social

Our First Day School kicked off the summer on June 7 with the annual Goose Creek Book Sunday where all the children and teenagers who participated in our FDS over the previous school year were given a book.

Our grateful thanks to Ed Leggett who underwrote the purchase of the books for the older kids. Presentation of the books was followed by an ice cream social.

April 12, 2015

Local Arborists Give Presentation at Goose Creek About J. Russel Smith, an early 20th Century Quaker from Lincoln & Early Proponent of Sustainable Agriculture

Loudoun  County arborists Alex Darr, Pete Walton, and Eliza Greenman, gave a fascinating presentation at Goose Creek on April 12 about J. Russel Smith who devoted his life to popularizing tree crops as a means of retaining rich native soils. At his nursery near Round Hill, Dr. Smith, a Quaker from Lincoln, collected and developed new varieties of persimmon, paw paw, oak, hickory, walnut, honey locust, and other trees.

Alex, Pete, and Eliza have been rediscovering Dr. Smith's abandoned trees in Loudoun County and plan to carry on his work, discovering and breeding plants adapted to this region that will produce reliable yields of high value food crops with sustainable farming practices.

December 21, 2014

Goose Creek Celebrates Christmas with its Annual Potluck, Homemade Gift Exchange, and Carol Sing

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