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First Day School Lessons, Activities & News

January 7

Putting SPICES to use every day

As a teaser to our special SPICES Traveling Peace Troupe workshop on the 28th ... the students will figure out ways to use one of the SPICES in challenges that often arise in our day-to-day lives by way of creative brainstorming. There will also be a related craft activity and singing.


January 14

BYM Camping Program Open House!

Please join us to learn about the wonderful camping programs of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. There are four summer BYM camps, which serve children ages 9-16. You will be given information about the camps and the wonderful opportunities that are provided through living in nature with Friends. You will also hear from past campers and counselors about personal experiences. This camping information session is open to children and adults. We hope to see you there!


January 21

Money? The Meeting Needs Money?

Friend Ed Devinney, who has been our treasurer in the past, will lead a discussion with the students about how money plays a role in our Meeting -- and, how the students can participate in the shaping of our budget


January 28

SPICES Traveling Peace Troupe Workshop -- Don't Miss!

The students will engage in a very fun interactive and improvisational workshop with our beloved SPICES characters!


Teen Discussion Group

If three or more teens (ages 13-17) are present, they are welcome to head over to Allen's shop next door for a youth-led discussion group. NOTE: no matter what the topic, the students and FAPs are encouraged to make sure the conversation stays related to Quakerism.


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