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This month we will focus on the testimony of integrity and its many important meanings including: living in accordance with our deepest beliefs, following leadings, discovering and using our gifts, honesty, truth-telling/keeping promises, steadfastness, being able to admit when we are wrong and being able to grow and change.


May 6, 2018

Friendship. This First Day, students will have a chance to discuss what makes a good friendship, how integrity might be expressed in a friendship, and participate in related activities and crafts.


May 13, 2018

Celebrating Motherhood. The students will have a chance to discuss the ways that they love and appreciate their moms, ways that they can honor them each day, and how integrity plays a role in how they honor her. There will be a fun Mother’s Day craft too!


May 20, 2018

Speaking Truth at All Times. The students will have an opportunity to discuss  what truth means to them, how to discern what is true, when it might be hard to speak the truth and how to find courage to say what is true. There will be related activities and crafts too!


May 27, 2018

Agree-Disagree: This fun and kinesthetic activity is designed to allow students to communicate and express their opinions on various topics in a respectful and non-threatening way and to respectfully listen to and connect with other students in a socially productive way!



Teen Discussion Group

If three or more teens (ages 13-17) are present, they are welcome to head over to Allen's shop next door for a youth-led discussion group.


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