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First Day School Lessons, Activities & News

September 3

Hurricane Harvey

We will have an open discussion with the children to speak about what has happen as of a result from Hurricane Harvey. We would like the children to think of ways that we can help other children their age. This is also a great time to speak to our children about what to do in an emergency.


September 10

Bicentennial Timeline

Students will been working on the Goose Creek timeline project for the upcoming bicentennial celebration. This week, they will decide they want to include on the timeline. When did the meeting stop using outhouses? When was the Hicksite-Orthodox split healed among Lincoln Friends? Students will leave with their own topics and dates to discover.


September 17

Bicentennial Timeline

Students will return with the results of their discoveries and assemble the timeline together.


September 24

No First Day School Today

Watermelon Park Fest Holiday! However, child care will be provided.


Teen Discussion Group

If three or more teens (ages 13-17) are present, they are welcome to head over to Allen's shop next door for a youth-led discussion group. NOTE: no matter what the topic, the students and FAPs are encouraged to make sure the conversation stays related to Quakerism.

To sign up to teach First Day School please contact Maria Nicklin

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